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Based in the heart of Liverpool in the north-west of England we are here to provide you with a taste of what Liverpool is really like! From world famous monuments and fantastic nightlife to scouse house music and local DJ profiles, you'll find it all here at Scouse Tunez.

Find out exactly why Liverpool was chosen as European Capital of Culture 2008 and join in with our scouse community. We have members from all over the Merseyside region and many other cities in the UK and across the globe.

If you're into scouse house, funky house, hard house and trance music then be sure to drop by our forum and find out what's hot and what's not in the local club scene. Membership is free so sign up today!

About Us

Scouse Tunez was established in March 2001 and since then we have been serving what began as hundreds of visitors and turned to thousands of web users over a short period of time. During the development months we went through a number of different make-overs from a total new web design to a change in domain name.

Since our establishment we have always been the biggest and original site dedicated to supplying you with a taste of what the nightlife is like in the European Capital of Culture 2008. In addition to this we work closely with a number of local music producers and vinyl stores that bring you up-to-date news and everything you need to know about your favourite genre of music, including; scouse tunes, funky house, hard house, progressive, trance and more.

Why People Like Us

As Scouse Tunez is brought to you from the heart of Liverpool and created by local people, we know exactly what you want in terms of meeting your needs for music, downloads, latest club information and much more.

Whether you are into scouse tunes, funky house music, hard house or trance you are certain you will find it in our forum. Not only do we provide you with music samples from various genres, but we also bring you club listings and events for local bars and clubs within Liverpool. Including, the Pleasure Rooms nightclub, Sunrise, Garlands, Society, Bar Red, Wonderland and more.

Scouse Community

Here at Scouse Tunez you are sure to find a community that is one of a kind. With people visiting from all over Liverpool and many other locations around the globe that are into anything and everything. From selling on e-bay and making music to downloading mixes from DJ's and chatting about football.

During our time online we have brought together many visitors in person by having regular meet-ups in the city centre for a night out on the town. To see pictures from our nights out and members check out our gallery.

Scouse House Music

Scouse House is a sub genre of House music that originated in Liverpool, England. It takes the word scouse from the local dialect and is a relatively new and small genre of music. The structure of the music is characterised by its very 'bouncy' texture and use of samples from happy hardcore tracks. Due to licensing fears over samples used, records are often released on white labels as a form of protection for the artist.

Scouse House is the most dominant form of House music in the North West of England especially in towns like Wigan and Liverpool with large nightclubs like Maximes, Wigan Pier and Pleasure Rooms playing this genre. There are many DJs who work in this genre such as Pete Daley, Ben T and DJ Welly and some of them are accompanied by MCs.

The scene continues to grow due to a lot of songs being released into the mainstream commercial charts, although a lot of the songs in the clubs have an MC 'rapping' over them, the released songs do not.

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