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Scouse House is a sub genre of House music that originated in Liverpool, England. It takes the word scouse from the local dialect and is a relatively new and small genre of music. The structure of the music is characterised by its very 'bouncy' texture and use of samples from happy hardcore tracks. Due to licensing fears over samples used, records are often released on white labels as a form of protection for the artist.

Scouse House is the most dominant form of House music in the North West of England especially in towns like Wigan and Liverpool with large nightclubs like Maximes, Wigan Pier and Pleasure Rooms playing this genre. There are many DJs who work in this genre such as Pete Daley, Ben T and DJ Welly and some of them are accompanied by MCs.

The scene continues to grow due to a lot of songs being released into the mainstream commercial charts, although a lot of the songs in the clubs have an MC 'rapping' over them, the released songs do not.

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